Finding Just the Right Chili Recipe

Different people have different notions of what makes the best chili. Is it in the sauce or in the ingredients?

It is difficult to know, to be honest. Chili is a matter of personal taste. Sometimes the best chili has surprise ingredients. Erin Elyse Evans said in one of her YouTube videos that her Southern family puts the corn bread into the chili. That, in fact, is delicious.

Other people like to add kidney beans. Personally, kidney beans are not what makes the best chili for some people because they are so hard to digest. While beans can have benefits, most people do not like to feel stranded at some cook out feeling sick because they neglected to pack their Beano.

Ground beef is a staple in chili but it is always kind to make a pot of vegetarian chili with fake meat if a person who will be eating it is a vegetarian.